Our work in Nepal

HAT(UK) was established in 2006 to relieve the suffering of animals in need of care.

The country is extremely poor and animals are at the end of the queue for resources. They suffer from neglect, maltreatment and malnourishment, and are commonly believed not to be sentient. Some Municipal authorities control street-dog populations by strychnine poisoning. Public animal sacrifice is routine. There are few animal welfare organisations.

Through its trustees, volunteers and contacts throughout Nepal, HAT(UK) provides encouragement, assistance and funds to specific individuals and groups who have realistic and viable programmes.

HAT(UK) is dedicated to enabling these organisations to carry out their aims to the highest standards and thereby to achieving an improved life for thousands of animals throughout Nepal.

HAT(UK) works through Nepali registered charitable organisations and dedicated animal loving individuals in Nepal.

  • HAT(UK) supports a mixture of birth control programmes, free veterinary services and community awareness schemes to improve the lives of the dogs and cats in the towns and cities.
  • HAT(UK) supports programmes which aim to inform owners of working equines of the many benefits of improved stock care.
  • HAT(UK) supports campaigns against all forms of animal sacrifice which still remain an intrinsic part of life in Nepal.
  • HAT(UK) supports all efforts to improve the situation of the cows who inhabit the streets without food, water, shelter or care.

The majority of HAT(UK)'s work is implemented by the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust. Please click on the link below for full details:

Additionally HAT(UK) supports Community Dog Welfare Kopan in Kathmandu, Nepal Animal Welfare & Research Centre in Banepa and Animal Nepal in Lalitpur. Various other projects from other animal welfare organisations are under review and will be undertaken when funds are available.